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I was born a Clairvoyant Medium and have read for Clients Professionally for 25 years.

My reading style is very simple~ think of me as Conduit (think: receiving messages and pictures over a telephone) rather than having "Psychic Powers". I read off of the energy fields of my Clients and am passionate about the detail and accuracy of the messages I deliver. I have a reputation for focusing in and getting the answers they seek and as a result receive consistent, positive feedback from them.

As a Medium, communication with the Departed is one of my greatest strengths. It is very rewarding when there is resolution or closure in a relationship that never got to reach that level during life here and that there is healing both here among the living and on the other side.

Most often the departed will give me an identifier for their loved one (my Client) to let them know they are close by.

I not only use my Clairvoyance and my abilities as a Medium in sessions but often use energy work, validation, and support~ depending on the needs of my Clients. Sometimes common sense is the greatest part of the picture!

I am good with timing and read well with relationships, including incoming ones, work situations/office politics, and pets.

I do my readings by specific questions via Messenger or Text and provide the answers via email~ I read with the same accuracy that I would in person or over the phone!

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