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Visions for June 2020

With all the restrictions of the past months, events may seem blurred. Rest assured, there will be more clarity in the months to come, not only with the COVID-19 situation, but for individuals.

Things that seemed to be one way will start emerging as something else- friendships will take an unpredictable turn, business associates, neighbors, landlords- some will figure prominently while others fade into the background. 

The important thing is to stay grounded. Energy work is an excellent way to do this, and not only for yourself, but for those around you. You can ground them as well as your residence or any other place you visit.

For more information on grounding, email me at for a free booklet.

Do not take things at face value, be sure and investigate for yourself so that you have hard facts. This is true of any contracts, business deals, or major purchases.

On a lighter note, take advantage of the weather and take a trip to the nearest body of water, be it a lake, a pond. or the ocean to gather its energy and feel its peace. Make it a picnic, whether solo or with your immediate family members. Water is very soothing and can help you sort out any situations where you need insight. A reading would greatly help too, especially with relationships.

Do everything possible to secure your property and avoid travel near questionable areas if possible. Do not let strangers into your personal space or interact with you unnecessarily. Same goes electronically, if you do not know them, do not let them into your social media or emails.

Love once again is on the back burner for most, but if you do find you have met someone, be sure and take it slowly and pay close attention to any red flags. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Best Days for Romance: 5, 23,30

Best Days for Business: 1, 15, 22, 29

Best Days for Intuition: 1, 4, 17, 18, 25

Visions for May 2020

Don't let boredom take over! Now is the time to take advantage of the nice weather and go for long walks. Just remember- Social Distancing! It shouldn't be too much longer before the isolation period is over. However, do not expect immediate recovery for the economy, in spite of the theories that it will bounce right back.

If you will be seeking employment, timing is everything. Results will not be immediate, but the job that you do find will be a better fit for you.

Meanwhile, make the most of your time. Look into entrepreneurial opportunities~ working from home may be just what you need right now! 
With the majority of hair and nail salons closed, you will need to improvise. If you are handy at doing your hair or nails, so much the better. There are lots of Youtube how-to videos that can help/give you ideas.

Remember, Salons will be busier than usual once isolation lifts.

If you are single, Romance is put on hold for the next couple of months, but use this as a self care/preparation period and stay in touch with your friends by phone. One of your friends has someone in mind for you!

If you are in a relationship/marriage, use this time to center and ground, as you will need to keep your energy fields clear to avoid arguments or other misunderstandings. 

There will be a mystery that comes up towards mid month regarding a past relationship or family member. Do not be afraid to pursue information/answers to this, even if it seems that there are obstacles.

Best days for Romance: 7, 31

Best days for business: 2, 5, 17, 21

Best days for Intuition: 3, 5, 18, 20, 28


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