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Visions for December, 2019:

If you are feeling as if you are in the middle of a very obscure, dark tunnel, be it with life situations, relationships- even changes at work, and everything seems to be closing in, take heart!

Take a deep breath... there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will most likely start to open up by the New Year, if not sooner.

Holiday season will be quiet for most part, in comparison to years past, but there will be a welcome peace that comes with it.

Be sure to get all of your business taken care of early before the year end and pay close attention to details before you embark on that cruise to Cabo or trip to Greece. 

Be extra careful with valuables- keep them locked up or only bring what you will be wearing (for jewelry) and if you can wear costume jewelry, all the better!

There may be a doctor's visit in store around the 15th- it would be good to get flu shots or perhaps even a wellness check.

If you work in an indoor environment, be friendly but keep your distance and you should be able to avoid any downtime due to sniffles or the usual winter ailments. 

Office Holiday parties mid to late month will need a little stirring up as they will be a bit more subdued than usual- less revelers and more intellects. No worries, though~ your vibrant personality will raise their spirits and the climate of the party will heat up!

Be sure to bypass the office Politico in favor of chatting up the person who is the silent but vigilant information hub. You will glean a lot of information from them that will be useful in the months to come.

Put off meeting that mysterious good looking stranger until after the New Year. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work on your image in anticipation- the interest will be reciprocated at the right moment...

Happy Holidays!

Visions for January 2020:

It's the start of another decade and a chance for a fresh start in many areas of your life.

Time to start clearing out not only closets and filing cabinets, but also a time to consider who you've surrounded yourself with in the past several years and who should stay within your inner circle and who should go (positive support is the intention here!). 

Update your image/style mid-month to beat the winter doldrums. Take that shopping trip that you have put off in the last year and consider a new cut/color for your hair- subtle, nothing drastic, but you will know and feel better for it! 

Have a tea party with three of your closest friends and surprise them with small gifts and a batch of your favorite cookies. Your invitation will be rewarded with future invitations to larger social events (evening dress, formal).

While changing your environment in your personal life is good, keep the status quo with your career and put even more effort into the details and small things that will present as polished. If you feel you must change your employment/career, wait until after this month to start your search.

Your love life heats up around the last week of this month, so be especially aware of anyone who has repeatedly crossed your path. Think professional, well spoken, and unattached. While this may or may not be the love of your life, give the budding relationship the chance it needs to flourish. You may be surprised. Or... it may be a dinner date and a fling...just the pick me up you need to finish out the winter months. Either way, take it for what it is and have fun and if it grows into something more, lucky you!

Do not plan any road trips on days where the weather looks questionable. Trust your instincts- if the sky is grey it is going to storm and get icy.

Stay by the fire and pick up a good read or call an old friend. Work on that book you've been meaning to write. Don't worry~ the words will start flowing once you put your thoughts to the keyboard.

Try to get outside when the weather permits, but beware of the neighborhood gossip~ with idle times comes a busy tongue. Keep the subject on the weather as you wave and walk by, leaving them without a chance of a toehold.

By month's end, make sure your paperwork completed and organized- get the dull tasks out of the way so that February can be devoted to romance.

You've got this!

Important days: 8th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 24th, and 30th


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